How to Install NatGeoTV App on Fire TV with a Mouse


I will show you how to install National Geographic, the NatGeo app from Android on the Fire TV.

After downloading it to my phone, we're going to go ahead and go into Dropbox, hit upload, actually I want to upload it to my apps directory. You can pick out a place to put it, upload file NatGeo, the next steps we do on the fire TV, and I'll link to XPS file explorer with fire TV and Dropbox together, anyways moving on to the TV now - my fire TV.

The first thing we're going to do is make sure we have sideloading enabled, Siringo settings slide over to the device, and from the device we're going to drop down into developer options, and enable apps from unknown sources. Now, this install takes a mouse, not for the first part here, but for later on. We already have gone through the instructions for setting up draw box in file and ES File Explorer. We're going to go into my apps directory, select NatGeo, it's going to download and we're just going to run straight out of the download. It's not very big, it's about 20 Meg's, it shouldn't take super long, then hit open, it's going to throw an error about Google Play, and it will just move past it here. Now I didn't touch anything in it, move past it, which is handy, now I've needed to use my handy-dandy mouse. If you have a different way to use a mouse that's fine, there's something called mouse toggle you could try as well, this is what I use.

I'm going to click on National Geographic with my mouse, it's going to throw that error again, but it will move right past it, I'm going to go up here to the little menu button and hit well whatever I want, I'm going to go back to come and try to live TV, I don't know what breakthrough is, live TV sounds good, then connecting to live TV. It's going to connect and then it's going to start the preview pass, and I'm going to hit sign in to unlock, and I'm on this one. I can do finger scroll, pick out your carrier and sign in, and look preview past thing went away and we have live TV, Nat Geo, right here. Dr. K's exotic animal, I can look at it cleared up, really nice now, so I can click on the CC button if I want to check it out. How fresh does that look! Same thing, if you want to try something else hit the back button, now as I may have said the GUI looks a little funky, because it was built for a phone, but you can click on whatever you want here, we're going to click on JFK, see what that's about and play, there's another one tested all good.

Kinect NatGeoTV App - Xbox 360 - Opinions and Play

Kinect NatGeoTV App - Xbox 360 - Opinions and Play

A YouTube or VAR gamma here with Nat Geo TV on the Xbox 360, this comes as an app and it also has achievements. It's an educational game aimed at the younger generation, and it's absolutely brilliant as a family game.